• Matthew Hora

Creating an outlet for our anger at Trump and the GOP: Letters to the Editor

At a time when one of the only rational & sane responses to the #TrumpVirus & the @GOP's incompetence is anger - if not hot fury at the economic devastation & death that is unfolding - I think we need to flood the nation's newspapers w/angry letters to the editor. This is my small contribution to the genre, sent to some central Wisconsin newspapers in the hopes some voters there will re-think their allegiance to these dangerous and deluded liars and vote them out in November.

Dear Editors,

As I write this letter our entire society is in lockdown, with bars and restaurants shut, and layoffs coming for many closed businesses. This is unfortunately the right response once a deadly virus spreads in society, but it is hard to describe my and many neighbors' anger because this was all preventable.

Instead of preparing our country, stockpiling tests and medical equipment back in January, President Trump instead called the coronavirus a "Democratic hoax" and did nothing. In comparison, a country that discovered the virus on the same day as the US - South Korea - reacted immediately and tested 274,000 people within weeks. The US only tested 25,000 people, due largely to an incompetent Republican-led government that still can't get tests and masks to hospitals and clinics.

Now as the virus spreads like wildfire in the US, our entire economy is shut down out of medical necessity. And is Trump acting like a leader, comforting the nation and sharing facts about the virus and how the nation should respond? No. He continues to spout lies, like his claim that the anti-malarial drug chloroquine can treat coronavirus. Like many of his false claims, within minutes of this wildly irresponsible statement, his administration issued a correction. Yet thousands are hoarding the drug and poisonings are already occurring.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party aren’t making America great again. Their lies and incompetence are destroying America, and Wisconsin needs to vote them out in November to make America safe again.

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